Vote for Health

There was a lot of argument and disagreement this past election in America. This is putting it lightly. I know I saw my fair share of attack ads, from both political parties, that made some callous allegations about the other. One topic that seemed to show up centered around health, specifically the hotly debated insurance coverage question. Ads would claim politician Jane Doe would “take away your health insurance” or would make sure “you got the health coverage you deserved” if elected. Nothing irked me more than ads that used children as pawns in some type of smear campaign to insinuate that if politician John Doe was elected, they would take away that child’s health plan to the point where they would die. Can a government, political party, business, etc. take away your health insurance? Sure. But can any of them really take away your health? Only if you let them. For too long we have been putting our health in other people's hands. What is more dangerous than a political system taking away your healthcare insurance? YOU giving up on the care of YOUR health.

Chiropractor Dr. Drew Rubin explained this topic very succinctly: “We are focusing on the wrong thing. Do you think the problem is who pays for the insurance; who pays for our health care? NO: it’s what we’re paying for, NOT who is. We need to stop arguing over the question "WHO should pay for it?" and start asking "WHAT are we paying for?" Your health starts with you: not with what insurance you have and not with what political party is in control of the House or Senate. I don’t want it to be misconstrued that I think we as a society do not deserve health insurance. What we first need to do though is establish “healthy” coverage before it deserves to be called health insurance. Waiting to get sick does not insure your health. And that is exactly what we are paying for right now in our society; “sick insurance.” We wait until we get sick and then want someone else to pay for us to get healthy. I’ve touched on this before, but in actuality, we don’t really ‘get sick’ as much as we ‘lose health.’ Sickness is the absence of health, not the other way around.  

I think the root of the problem lies in our overall misconception of how the word ‘insurance’ is used with the modifier, ‘health.’ One other insurance in particular has the same misconstrued understanding and that is life insurance. Does life insurance insure your life? Of course not; it insures your death. Paying your life insurance premiums does not insure that you will stay alive. But to call life insurance “death insurance” is not an easy sell. The same can be said about health insurance. Health insurance does not insure your health, but insures your sickness. Some of the time.  If it really insured your health, it would pay you when you were healthy to insure your well-being.

If we are all created equal, we are all created with the same right to our life. Health is no different. So start asking the question: What is my health worth?

- Dr. Jarek Esarco

Dr. Jarek Esarco is a pediatric and family wellness Chiropractor. He is an active member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). The ICPA is an organization of chiropractic family practitioners dedicated to advancing public awareness and the family wellness lifestyle. Dr. Jarek also has post-graduate certification in the HIO Specific Brain Stem Procedure technique through The TIC Institute. Dr. Jarek is happily married to his wife Regina. They live in Youngstown, Ohio with their daughter Ruby.

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