HIO Specific Care

Dr. Jarek prides himself on answering three simple questions with regards to your quality focused Chiropractic care and vertebral subluxation reduction: Where, When and How?

Dr. Jarek concentrates on the C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis) vertebrae of the cervical spine and their relationship to the brainstem and nerve system. The location of the fibers that are subject to pressure which supply the entire body, either directly or indirectly, occurs at the brainstem region of the atlas and axis bones. Clinically, a pressure in this region of nerve tissue may affect any or all body functions. By eliminating nerve interference, numerous health problems can be corrected and help prevent many conditions from developing. When the vertebral subluxation is reduced, the body's inborn intelligence to resist illness and disease is at its greatest.


Where: Precision X-ray Analysis

  • Precision spinographs or x-rays of the cervical spine help lay down the foundation and blueprint for the patient's individual care.

  • Precision X-rays are taken to establish the exact position of the vertebrae at the location of interference.

  • Dr. Jarek takes three specific views of the upper cervical spine and skull to get a 3 dimensional representation of your specific misalignment.


When: Scientific Instrumentation

  • Along with a set of X-rays, Dr. Jarek will utilize an instrument upon every visit, called the K4 Nerve System Analyzer, or K4 for short.

  • The K4 is a highly sensitive instrument that is used to monitor the function of the nerve system directly-determining the existence or absence of abnormal neurological control

  • The K4 offers Dr. Jarek the greatest opportunity to monitor in a relatively direct fashion the function of the nerve system itself. If the K4 indicates neurological brainstem interference present, Dr. Jarek now has the "green light" to give an adjustment to the patient.


How: Specific Adjustment

  • The proper position to receive the HIO Specific adjustment is in the knee-chest posture.

  • The HIO Specific adjustment is a method of specific vertebral adjusting whereby the subluxated vertebra is restored to its proper position by a specific application of force upon it with the hands, utilizing the natural elasticity and resistance in the spine of the patient.

  • The adjustment is a specific repositioning of the vertebrae to its proper position, removing the interference.